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Sarah Lynn Baird

Owner / Wellness Engineer

Sarah Lynn has a B.S. in Biosystem Engineering and an M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies. She has worked as a fitness instructor, motivator, and wellness coach for over 15 years. She is a certified Precision Nutrition coach who is extremely passionate about helping clients improve their quality of life through nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.

Sarah Lynn has worked with a variety of clients struggling with metabolic disease, IBS, hypothyroid, autoimmune issues, injury/healing, depression, etc. She works closely with physicians, psychologists, and holistic practitioners to support clients in their wellness initiatives.

Sarah Lynn is well versed in ketogenic therapies, Low FOD MAP nutrition, mindful eating techniques, and sport specific nutrition.

Sarah Lynn is a mother of two boys, a closet entomologist, and a competitive endurance athlete who enjoys running trails, swimming, biking, rock climbing, and lifting heavy objects with a changing center of mass!

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Celene Lyddon

Wellness Engineer

Celene has a passion for healthy living, which for her, encompasses nutrition and movement among other things. Her passion for healthy living was a result of her journey of disordered eating in college. Her recovery from disordered eating inspires her to help women heal their relationship with food and encourage self-love. She views food as fuel and medicine for the body, and exercising as a form of self-care and the best kind of stress reliever.

Celene has a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising. After working in the fashion industry in a corporate position, Celene decided to follow her passion of nutrition and completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification program. Celene subscribes to the philosophy of bio-individuality, where there isn’t one specific way of eating that will work universally - every person has their own set of nutritional needs.

Celene is a mother of twin baby boys.

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Susanne Nava

Wellness Engineer

Susanne Nava has a positive and contagious enthusiasm and is one of our homegrown success stories! She came to FitFax in the summer of 2016. Through customized nutrition and weekly accountability sessions, she lost over 70 lbs in ten months, and she has kept it off almost a year.

As a mother of two children and a full-time graduate student, Susanne understands the challenges of self-care during stressful times. Susanne is also a cycling instructor at our local YMCA, the former owner of Papa Don's Deli, and the wife of a Latino chef extraordinaire. She wears many hats and understands the mindset necessary to transform lifestyle habits. She is available Sundays for 15-minute retests.

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Bryan Yates

Wellness Engineer

Bryan Yates is a veteran personal trainer, endurance athlete/coach, writer, business consultant, and nutritional coach. He has been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years and is the former owner of Pedal Spin Studio in South Pasadena. Bryan is a certified cycling coach and the owner Locomotiv Performance Coaching. He is a six-time head coach and Lead Rider for the annual Pablove Across America pediatric cancer fundraiser ride.

Bryan has mostly stopped competing in masters road racing, however he continues to race XC mountain bike and endurance gravel events. He has participated in hundreds of races, multi-day events, centuries, and double century rides including America's toughest 2-day race- the Everest Challenge Stage Race.

Whether he's advising athletes, fitness seekers, organizations, or nutritional clients, Bryan treats each as a unique individual with specific needs, and uses his experience in endurance to help people become unstuck from unhelpful patterns.

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Lu Lu

Resident Service Dog

Lu Lu is our resident service dog. She is half human and offers emotional support and hugs to all clients, staff, and guests.

You can find her at the office from time to time, or out in the park exercising and making new friends.

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