Online Cohorts

4-Week TRANSFORMATIONAL Wellness coaching

Our new online cohort model was created from an identified need - clients often require frequent check-ins/feedback in order to implement new habits.

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One of the “truths” we have observed through the years is this: “knowing what to do” to improve your health is usually the simplest variable to address. It is executing the new habits that is the challenge! Limiting belief systems, the obnoxious inner critic, old neuropathways, stress, shame, and mindlessness all affect execution. Encouragement, daily practice, and feedback are often necessary to implement sustainable habit change.


We have begun running Transformation Cohorts using an app called Slack. They have been extremely successful for those that committed to the process. One woman in the cohort said, “I can’t tell you how much this Transformation Cohort changed my life…I will fill you in on the details in person, but know that it really worked for me. I have made changes that have stuck and transformed my life and my future…”

Another woman said, “I incorporated some really great habits into my daily routine, thanks to the cohort.  Even though the program ended, I've kept up with my IF, meditation, writing in my gratitude journal, drinking 80 oz of water daily, etc. It was wonderful doing this with a supportive group of people who were all struggling.  Thank you for including me!!!”


Cohorts will begin the first of every month and will run for four weeks. Every cohort will have a personal coach and be limited to ten participants/cohort. Office body composition testing pre and post cohort is an optional part of the program!

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