A Culture Shift

For the last two years, we have challenged popular opinion and even healthcare, trying to undo the misinformation so engrained in the minds of so many clients. The common perception is that a diet full of whole grains and low in fat will keep you healthy. A carbohydrate-rich diet combined with fat phobia is deeply entrenched in our culture. 

Unfortunately, as research continues to come to light (both new and old), it’s becoming clear that our biggest nutritional setback as a society is this low-fat mentality. When fat was taken out of our diet, food lost flavor. Big players in the food industry decided to replace that tasty fat with something else equally tasty: sugar. This led to an increase in highly processed carbohydrates and sugars in the American diet. 

What happened as processed carbs became our staple food? Disease skyrocketed: type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, among others. There are numerous studies that demonstrate a direct correlation between these dietary changes and increases in metabolic diseases. 

It is hard to undo 25 years of low-fat teaching in a single intake session with new clients. It is also hard to convince clients that reducing sugars & grains while increasing fats will be their panacea.

Many clients have abandoned ship after commencing their journey because they can't believe that "fat is your friend.” Furthermore, many clients have been confused when doctors told them to eat "whole grains" and "reduce fat.” Aren't doctors supposed to be experts? 

This has been an emotional week. After two years dedicated to changing our clients’ perception of macronutrients and overcoming fat phobia, we’re finally beginning to see a culture shift. Interest in “keto” has become exponentially more popular on Google Trends (read more from Peter Attia); Just this week, Whole Foods launched a Keto Diet section in their hot bar; and The Magic Pill, a documentary embracing fat as fuel to overcome disease, was released. These are small signs that our culture is catching up with research. 

In my own home, my kids and I sat down and discussed small ways we could increase fat in their diet and reduce refined carbohydrates. The kids had some great solutions including eating berries and cream instead of regular ice cream, and dipping tomatoes in guacamole instead of pita chips. There are endless ways to increase your fats in a delicious, nutritious way!

So, where do you stand? Have you embraced fat as a healthy, necessary source of fuel? 

- Coach Sarah Lynn and Coach Karen


"The beautiful part of good science is its self-correcting nature. The ugly part is this self-correcting nature often moves at a glacial pace—and it’s not linear." Dr. Peter Attia


Fried chicken that's low carb? You bet! Check out this yummy recipe for Keto Fried Chicken made with crushed up pork rinds. Note: you can also make this with high-protein tofu!

Photo courtesy of www.ketogasm.com

Photo courtesy of www.ketogasm.com


Check out the hot food bar at Whole Foods and pay special attention to the Keto Diet section!

Low carb options are getting called out at Whole Foods

Low carb options are getting called out at Whole Foods


Make sure you watch The Magic Pill on Netflix. It pulls from the same wells we do: eat real food, eliminate sugar and grains, use food as medicine, run sustainable farms, eat local. Watch the trailer below. 


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