As your coaches, we strive to provide three things: structure, accountability, and feedback loops. Accountability is the master key to success. If you do not show up to your accountability sessions, you lose integral support to help work and move through your hurdles! It's like you're trying to balance a three-legged stool on just two legs. That is why we exist – we are here to help you navigate what is and, more importantly, what is not working. Our goal is to guide you through the challenges and get you back on the path toward success. Of course, we're also here to celebrate small triumphs and capitalize on positive change!


We have noticed a trend where clients cancel appointments whenever they feel they have fallen off the path. Part of this is due to busy morphing schedules, but a greater part has to do with shame. If people do not feel successful, they do not want to come in. Although we understand this deeply, we know it does not serve our clients to be able to “get out” of appointments!

To better support our clients and to add power to accountability sessions, we are introducing a new prepaid monthly model. All of our regular clients will be charged at the beginning of the month for their recurring accountability sessions. If you miss a session - that's your choice; you will still be charged for that appointment. (Don't worry, if you need to reschedule, we can accommodate that with at least 24 hours notice.)

We are excited to help our clients stay the course and reach their goals in a new way. Our hope is these prepaid sessions will give you more skin in the game, empowering you to be more successful! In May, our coaches will be discussing what plan and accountability method is best for you.

If you are a client who comes in less frequently for maintenance, this model will not apply.


"Commitment, belief and positive attitude are all important if you're going to be a success." Donald Johanson


Fathead Pizza is a notorious low carb pizza recipe! Although there are variations, the crust has four ingredients and tastes much like “regular pizza.”

Photo courtesy of WholesomeYum

Photo courtesy of WholesomeYum


You can purchase jicama tortillas at Whole Foods or learn to make them yourself with this video

A great low carb option for tortillas!  Photo courtesy of

A great low carb option for tortillas! Photo courtesy of


One of our favorite books is Dr. Jason Fung’s Complete Guide to Fasting. This is an easy read that explains fasting science!

- Coach Sarah Lynn