Mark Tennyson 

Before and after

Before and after

When I started with Fit-Fax, I was a Type 2 diabetic who had been following advice that was right for others but not for myself. Further, I had hit a wall in terms of my fitness journey. I had previously lost 70 pounds on my own, but gained about 35-40 pounds back. I needed an objective third party for advice and accountability. I needed a lifestyle change that was sustainable and I knew people who had had success with Sarah Lynn.

Sarah Lynn helped me integrate new habits into my life so when I developed new goals along the way such as getting stronger, running faster, or gaining mobility, it didn’t interfere nor put my original weight back on. I got a plan straight out of the gate, which made things easy because I was able to develop a routine.

Sarah Lynn’s individualized plan catered to my unique needs and the results speak for itself- her plan reversed my diabetes. My doctor changed my Type 2 diabetic diagnosis to a history of diabetes!

I always looked forward to my sessions with Sarah Lynn and the appointments were the best part of my month. She is so welcoming, inspiring, and she creates such a positive environment. With new challenges that came along the way, Sarah Lynn was there to tweak and make little changes to help me achieve my health goals.

What surprised me was how carving a little space in my life to become healthy made me become addicted - I just wanted to do more. My mind-set had shifted and it is amazing to know that food is not control- I am in control. Fit-Fax is an amazing support system that has inspired me to put my health first and to be addicted to this positive change.