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Ingri Pauline

Prenatal Specialist

Ingri Pauline specializes in pre and post-natal exercise and nutrition. Ingri has a B.S. in Kinesiology and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She has worked in the fitness industry for 12 years as an athlete, a physical therapy trainer, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, a specialized aquatic instructor and a CrossFit coach. She holds a Precision Nutrition Certification and CrossFit Level 2 Trainer certificate. Ingri is a relentless learner and is typically always working on a new mode of education.

Working in the US Navy Special Operations program required her to learn a lot about the body, training, and recovery. After her service, she worked as a PT Aide in a sports physiotherapy office. Always an avid weightlifter, she brought her knowledge of rehabilitation to strength training and taught new mothers how to repair their bodies and get fitter after pregnancy.

After 5 years working in this niche, Ingri wanted to change people's lives beyond just fitness. In addition to exercise and nutrition, she specializes in recovery and self-care techniques that promote more awareness and sensitivity to the body’s needs.

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Daniela Sarmina

Spanish Speaking Coaching

Daniela Sarmina is also one of our homegrown success stories! She has a B.A. in Theater and an M.A. in Social Work Candidate. She recently ended her 6-year career at a non-profit health organization.

As an infant, Daniela was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis and underwent surgery that left a large scar on her abdomen. As a result, she struggled with body image and often felt awkward in her body - limiting her participation in exercise.

As a theater student, Daniela was able to reconnect with her body through mindfulness techniques and the exploration of body movement. Her health journey continued after graduation with Sarah Lynn and Fit-Fax, and her admiration for the capabilities of the human body grew. She has since run two full marathons and is an avid cross-fitter!

At 34, she is at her strongest physically, mentally and emotionally. She has even donned her first two-piece bathing suit on the beaches of Miami. Daniela considers her work with Fit-Fax an extension of her social work career, which values universal human dignity, the worth of individuals, diversity, cultural competency and cultural humility. As a Latina of Mexican descent, she understands that our relationship with food and our body are often rooted in our own cultures. She is excited to explore this relationship with clients to create tailored and effective plans of action that will help them reach their health goals.

Daniela habla español y tiene una gran pasión por trabajar con variedad de personas. Su padre vive con diabetes tipo 2 y enfermedad cardíaca, malestares que afectan desproporcionadamente a las comunidades latinas.¡Le daría gran placer ayudar a su comunidad a alcanzar sus metas de bienestar!

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Rob Hoflund

Corrective Exercise

Rob Hoflund has a deep understanding of injury and recovery, and the role mental depression can play when you are physically limited. Rob trained to be a professional tennis player in his youth. A major knee injury prevented him from competing at the highest level. 3 years ago he tore everything in his knee during a recreational game.

Rob had to wait a year after this injury to get surgery. It was during this most painful and physically limiting year, he got into the best shape of his life. Living in great pain in one leg for an entire year forced him to learn more about the human gait, injury, injury prevention, and correct biomechanics. He challenged everything he knew about nutrition and exercise, and he learned how to eat and how to really work and adapt with his injury.

It only took Rob 17 days after surgery to get back into fitness and he has not stopped ever since! His lives by the motto: “an object in motion must remain in motion.”

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Eryn Kalavsky

Organizational Specialist

Eryn Kalavsky specializes in the practical implementation of wellness strategies in the home and can be booked by appointment at fitfaxassistant@gmail.com. Eryn is currently working towards her Precision Nutrition Certification. Originally from North Carolina, Eryn lived in New York City and worked in book publishing for 9 years prior to moving to South Pasadena. She brings the personal skills and energy that helped her launch bestselling book campaigns to her new role as Kitchen Hacker.

As a mother of two, she has found a passion in meal planning, prep and kitchen organization. She has seen firsthand how it can have a great impact on personal body composition, overall family wellness, and how it can create more time for the more important everyday moments in life.

Eryn is an avid runner having finished the New York City Marathon and a multitude of half marathons. She enjoys lifting weights, yoga, paddle boarding, soccer, camping and being active with her family. Eryn is a joy chaser and finds her greatest happiness from spending time with her family and friends, building her community, and using everything in her fridge each week!

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Bryan Yates

Trainer/Cycling Coach

Bryan Yates is a veteran personal trainer, endurance athlete/coach, writer, business consultant, and nutritional coach. He has been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years and is the former owner of Pedal Spin Studio in South Pasadena. Bryan is a certified cycling coach and the owner Locomotiv Performance Coaching. He is a six-time head coach and Lead Rider for the annual Pablove Across America pediatric cancer fundraiser ride.

Bryan has mostly stopped competing in masters road racing, however he continues to race XC mountain bike and endurance gravel events. He has participated in hundreds of races, multi-day events, centuries, and double century rides including America's toughest 2-day race- the Everest Challenge Stage Race.

Whether he's advising athletes, fitness seekers, organizations, or nutritional clients, Bryan treats each as a unique individual with specific needs, and uses his experience in endurance to help people become unstuck from unhelpful patterns.

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