• Original Thai: Tom Yum Soup, Veggie Soup, Spicy Seafood Soup. Yum Yai Salad (use own dressing), or Mix Veggie Stir Fry (avoid corn)

  • Macaroni Grill: Salmon Picatta (no rice)

  • Summer Cafe: Veggie chorizo and eggs (no tortillas)

  • California Vegan Kitchen: Tandoori Chicken, Shahi Paneer, Veggie Korma, Chicken Korma, and/or Cucumber Raiti

  • Wagyu Meat and Grill: Salmon Salad (add avocado)

  • Starbucks:

    • Food: bacon egg bites are great - they’re about 8g of carbs (if you made them yourself, they would be even lower carb!

    • Coffee: get it black or with full-fat cream; don’t get milk or sugar (too many carbs); if you want sweetness, get Erythritol/Stevia

  • Siri Thai: If you get the lunch special, see if you can substitute all salad instead of rice and egg roll. The better lunch options are Broccoli, Garlic Pepper, Hot Basil Leaves, Chicken Satay and Thai BBQ Chicken. The sauces may have sugar in them, so if they taste sweet, avoid them. The Waterfall Spicy Salad and Thai Spicy Salad look like they would be ok too - depending on the dressing (ask if there’s added sugar!). Tom Yum also looks like a good option! Remember, no rice or egg rolls!

  • Summer Buffalo: Tom Yum, Chicken Satay, Isaan Sausage, Grapow Gai w/Fried Egg (no rice). Remember, no rice or egg rolls!

  • Sushi: Get sashimi or look for rolls with cucumber or cabbage. Or enjoy regular sushi as your non-adherent meal. Here’s an interesting article about coconut oil + rice - you may benefit from sprinkling MCT oil on the sushi!